• Elizabeth Anne Ashford

    Elizabeth Anne Ashford

  • H2O Limos

    H2O Limos

    Great Lakes (Detroit) Premier On-Water Limo Service and Boating Courses

  • Dr. Daisy

    Dr. Daisy

    Holistic Doc, Speaker, Author, #Vegan Mom of 6, Over 50 Fitness Competitor, Encouraging Busy Moms to live Happier & Healthier Lifestyles Faith~Family~Fitness

  • Giulia Merlo

    Giulia Merlo

    Head of User Research & Design @citizensadvice | Formerly of CRUK | Co-Chair of BIMA Charities Council | Feminist, European, passionate about pizza & Beyonce

  • Ryan Boyles

    Ryan Boyles

    b2b social strategy by day, podcaster by night. geek,  user, engineer, IBMer, infrequent blogger, prolific commenter. RTs ≠ endorsement, tweets by me.

  • Magnus Sandman

    Magnus Sandman

    World Citizen, loves football and FC Barcelona. Partner @Leadsius - FREE Marketing Automation. My kids, @marthanna and JRT Dante brings love to my life

  • Gina Bell ツ

    Gina Bell ツ

    Visibility & Catalyst Marketing for Introvert Entrepreneurs | Best-Selling Author + Host of Quiet Ambition Podcast.

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